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If you like or if you feel anxious about the outcome of OSC calling your worker on your behalf and you have not heard from either your worker or the OSC after 7 days (including weekends) then call the OSC with the reference/confirmation number they have given you again to ask for news. It never hurts to follow-up with anyone after a reasonable amount of time after you have made a request, or not received a response, even with family members and friends! Remember to be polite but firm ;)!

More renters live a transient lifestyle, moving one place to another a couple times a year. They are on the go and need a phone that can go with them. Setting up telephone service every time they move is a hassle that does not have to be dealt with using a cell phone.

* Prior to selecting a lender meet in person with the lender and complete your application requirements if you are trying to get a loan through an online financial institution. Make sure you know what kind of supporting documentation you will require to present and bring it with you. Usually, lenders require proof that you have assets to use as security therefore it is advised to secure income stream to ensure you can cover your loan payments.

Under Utah law, all contractors and suppliers must file a preliminary notice of their participation in the project in order to secure their right to file a mechanic's lien in the future. This notice must be filed no later than 20 days following the commencement of a project. The 20 days starts from the time the contractor begins work on the project or the supplier purchases materials for the project. If a contractor or supplier fails to file the proper paperwork, they may forfeit their rights to use a mechanic's lien as a legal way to collect funds owed to them.